Extended Features

Isa can add an extra feature to her belly dance performance by using different props.

Isa can perform at



•Corporate events


•Night clubs 

Isa can feature in



•Music videos

•Promotional events

•Theatrical stage shows

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High Class Performance

Isa’s passion for belly dancing is evident whenever she performs. She captivates and engages audiences and appeals to guests of all ages. Isa is a graceful, sensual, elegant and entertaining dancer. She adds that extra special touch to any event. You are guaranteed a First Class Act.

Looking for a Belly Dancer

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Isis Wings

Isis wings elevates the performance in giving the dance a dramatic and impressive feel.


A playful dance that involves intricate footwork and hair movement. It has it origins in the Arabian Gulf countries.


A sword is balanced on different parts of the body while dancing.

This requires high skills, flexibility and movement control.


The veil is used to create graceful and flowing movements. It adds allure and mystery to the dance.

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